Behavioral Health's Missing Piece.

Mosaic Billing Solutions is the piece that’s been missing from your behavioral health practice. Mosaic offers behavioral health billing services for treatment programs across the United States and empowers providers to care for their patients more effectively.

Increase Profits

Improve Patient Care

Reduce Staff Turnover

Save More Lives

Sometimes we need a little help putting our pieces back together.

Behavioral health is all about putting together the broken pieces that we’ve left along the way; and in the end, these pieces make a work of art.

A Rare Combination of Excellence


Our team has over X years of combined experience, so you can be confident knowing that your billing management is in the right hands.


We take your patient's needs seriously—as if they were our own. Our team's extensive experience


The behavioral health industry is constantly changing and our software ensures that providers stay ahead of any trends or policy changes.

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